A casual interest in tracing our family roots and branches became a passion. And this passion became an obsession. The result is this book in your hands.

I was fortunate to work closely with my Ammachi in the field during my teenage. During that period I was able to tap her memories and was thus able to gather a lot of information about the family and our forefathers. I nurtured this information and those childhood memories and now that I have reached an age where memories are of great importance to me, I felt it was time to pen down whatever I gathered from my parents and through my own journey of life. Regrettably, I had very little interest in our family history when my parents, grandparents, and many of my uncles and aunts were alive and so missed forever the chance to talk about our heritage!

I left God’s own country and moved to Hyderabad on 7th September 1983. Oh 34 yrs ago! New place, new culture, yes, it was tough going. I never planned to settle down in Hyderabad till I met Glen. He met me on 30th October 1986, and he decided that “I am going to be his life partner”. The proposal came to me in December through his aunt Linda Pavamani, and we tied the knot on 24th May 1987 at Thondiyil.

During these 34 years, I made it a point to visit my family in Kerala every year. When I had my daughter, I wanted her to know that she has a big family in Kerala and understand the importance of it. Over a period of time, our family has grown big and are spread across the globe.

As we grew in number, and with the demise of our parents, we realized that it was important to keep the family together, and so we decided to start the ‘kudumbayogam’. The family get-together was born in 2008 at our Tharavad, it was then decided that the ‘kudumbayogam’ be scheduled on the second Saturday of May every year. It was made mandatory that all the members of the senior generation be present.

The purpose of this book is to get to know one another and keep in touch with those who we have never met. Although facebook exists today and made easy to connect people, this book might guide you who to connect to!

The Ninth family get-together is being organized by Chris, Glen & Sally on 29th May 2017, and the release of the book and website is planned on the same day.

Sally G Kollian