K.J Mathew, popularly known as Mathaichan was born on 22/8/1910 and migrated to Peravoor along with his father and brothers while he was a student. He was forced to discontinue his education and entered into business and farming to support his father and brothers. He married Mariyam of Kochupoovathummootil. She passed away during her second delivery in 1936 (Chingam 8th) and lost their child.  Their first child is Annakutty, our Ammachechi. They lived at Thondiyil.

In 1939 Mathaichan married Elizabeth (Kunjelly) who was born on 13/05/1923, the second child and eldest daughter of Devasia and Mariyam Thazathuveetil.

Mathaichan dedicated most of his life to social service; he was a member of the church committee for many years. They had 13 children, two of them died in infancy due to illness.  Mathaichan passed away on 3/8/2000 and Elizabeth passed away on 19/9/2004 due to old age/sickness.