Rani is the youngest and the most pampered child of generation 1.3, born on 05/03/1967.  She is a science graduate, now a Housewife and supporting Anto on his assignment. Rani was married to Anto Varghese (10/2/1963), the 6th child of late N C Varghese and Veronica Njallimackal, Chempanthotty on 18/10/1990. They do farming and are part of Birds of the Air and take care of 25 children in their own premises. They provide them food, shelter, and good education, above all bringing them up as their own children. They are the main caretakers of “Divyakarunya Gurukulam”.   They have 3 children. Contact No.  8547271873 / 0460 2267173